No civilization on planet Earth has ever figured out The Law of Attraction. It is too obvious, too simple, and too easy to apply broadly, when rightly understood. Thus, it just kind of sits there being used by successful people unconsciously, who end up building new civilizations which sweep the old, corrupt civilizations away. They attribute their success to everything but the Law of Attraction itself. To be fair, LOA is masked by an out of control mind (more on this later). Few people in leadership of these civilizations ever are able to put space between their ‘real-self’ and the mind that runs amuck controlling their destiny to intuit something very profound going on.

Napoleon Hill, Norman Vicente Peale and even the current leading teacher of the Law of Attraction culture, in the modern era, Rhonda Bryne are successful with what they do know about LOA because they are reaching a large enough population in a shotgun manner such that they can reach people who don’t have particularly heavy shadows that prevent the LOA from working for them to manifest their hearts desire. No one is keeping score either. The sub-culture that is teaching LOA are not keeping statistics. They present the success stories and fail to present the failures which are going to be many more millions of people who try their methods. They have an excuse… they don’t have the funding and corporate organization of the pharmaceutical companies which by law must prove the effectiveness and safety of their products. So the LOA believers meet with ridicule and ostracization by mainstream opinion makers.

The real reason LOA is not noticed by the larger population as something as obvious as the Law of Gravity is that if you jump off the Empire State Building you go splat and it is noticed broadly that physically falling from a great height without a parachute is fatal. When you collide with the LOA and things go wrong in your life the world chalks it up as bad luck. And they have no idea where bad luck comes from or that there is a reason for bad luck. They create superstitions, blame it on God, or even an anthropomorphic entity such as a demon or devil. No one in the mainstream postulates that maybe the reason for bad luck is being on the wrong side of the LOA. I hope it is clear to you now, that the LOA community fixates on the fulfilling of your desires and not the dark side of LOA which is more poverty for those who hold a condition of lack in their consciousness, more abuse by those in authority when you hold a condition of victimhood in your consciousness of how abusive the authorities are to the population at large. What you resists persists!

So how do we get opinion makers to recognize LOA?

We must revisit Dr. David Hawkins’ work. Earlier in this blog I suggested the LOA sub-culture depends on a shotgun approach that ensures significant numbers of people have success using the fundamental idea that positive thoughts create a positive, abundant, happy and ebullient environment in which your life can unfold.

It goes deeper than that. There is a spiritual dimension to the whole thing.

Hawkins’ postulated that 78% of the world’s population functions in a destructive thought energy band of reality creating the scenarios I outlined in What you resist persists – Part 1 of this blog series. Counterbalancing the 78% is 22% of humanity operating in the positive thought energy band. This 22% was the single force preventing a nuclear holocaust during the Cold War. Hawkins goes on to say that the positive energy band goes to infinity and is the single guiding principle in the evolution of humanity from Neanderthal to today’s Homo Sapiens and eventually reaching Homo Spiritus. And that one human being attaining Enlightenment has the potential to lift the consciousness of 10,000,000 or effectively neutralize the negativity of that 10 million group. So the on going spiritual evolution of humanity is the most important reason the LOA community has success with an indeterminate segment of the world population.

The existence of LOA is masked by a lot of things which is why no civilization in recorded history has ever figured it out. You are dealing with thought energy after all; try holding a specific thought… it is hard to do. Even remembering from one moment to the next is a feat in itself. But, thoughts have power and they eventually manifest in the universe somewhere. The whole LOA phenomena is only sensed through observation, it is a heuristic/empirical exercise and subtle synchronicities are one of the most significant signs that it is working.

The worst thing you can do is be like the farmer who keeps digging up the seed he planted to see if it is growing. When you make a postulate you have to let it go completely, it is best if you can train yourself to forget it even.

There are many things which prevent LOA from giving you exactly what ‘you’ want.

1. The Universe is a big one.
2. Your shadows surrounding what you want.
3. Your conditioning concerning what you want.
4. The most important element that figures in manifestation is emotion. If you
can’t generate a thought with a powerful emotion fueling the postulate you
can’t generate a timely manifestation of the thing you want.

There is much more to the reasons manifestations don’t pan out; this blog is not a clinic teaching LOA. I refer you to appropriate works on the subject.

The most important thing is your level of consciousness. The higher you are on the Hawkins scale the more likely it is you will be a successful manifester. And this is the real reason for this blog series. I urge readers to pursue a path of raising ones consciousness.

Raising One’s Consciousness

“The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space.”
Eckhart Tolle

In medieval times human beings lacking any notion of hygiene would throw their waste over the wall of the fortress. Imagine what that must have been like after a couple hundred years. This may have been one the causes of mass migrations and certainly plague epidemics. Rather than clean up the mess they just moved to another location.

In the Victorian era there were designer chairs lovely to look at and utilitarian. Utilitarian? Because many were designed to allow the seat to be lifted where there was a shit hole. Put a bucket under it and you could take a crap. Carry the bucket outside and dump it in the street? Where did they take this crap? In the livingroom, at the kitchen table after meals or any convenient place? How lovely.

I lived in Germany in the 60’s and 70’s and I was astonished that people just urinate in any convenient location. I heard recently that there is an effort by the government to discourage this practice.

I repeat Tolle’s aphorism: “The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space.”

Medieval populations didn’t have any idea about hygiene thus their garbage dump was over the wall of the fortress.

Victorian people didn’t have indoor plumbing and it was convenient to do their business wherever the urge was upon them. They added the decorative touch I guess as a tip of the hat to the notion of elegance.

Polluting your inner psychic space

For the whole of our recorded history, humanity has never realized they were polluting their ‘inner psychic space’ and they still don’t. The reason for the eventual fall of otherwise nice functional civilizations IS the eventual pollution of the psychic inner space of the people of the civilization which causes a kind of mental/spiritual constipation. They always start off vital and dynamic. Unfortunately, new orders brutalizes older orders which had become mentally and spiritually constipated and unable to act with their founding dynamism.

The causes of the loss of their founding dynamism are two powerful ‘shadow forces’… ‘conditioning’ which sits in the subconscious and the formation of  ‘negative energy fractals’ which quickly become unconscious. Conditioning is a superficial control and disciplining procedure developed by the civilization to control unwanted behaviors and movements which might tend to disrupt good order and smooth functioning of the society. Conditioning stays fairly close to the surface and becomes subconscious and is fairly easy to get to if you had a sound psychological therapeutic system to help the members of the civilization to drop old conditioning systems which become out of date to the evolving social and cultural order and replace them seamlessly allowing adaptation to contemporary needs of the culture. Social and political orders suppress older conditioning systems not dissolve them thus they sit in the subconscious only to pop out and become disruptive and destructive to the civilization opening the door to outside vital and dynamic movements which overwhelm them in time.

The most insidious shadow power is the fractal. A fractal is a splitting of a portion of ones consciousness, usually in early childhood. When a child encounters a situation that is traumatic it will split the event off from its conscious life as an escape mechanism. The fractal has all the consciousness attributes of a being and continues to run in a loop attached to the aura of the individual, they key in or are triggered by similar events the being encounters in the external environment. There are thousands of these fractals influencing ones actions and creating strange sometimes violent reactions from the individual when they are so numerous and out of consciousness control. This also happens on a societal level. Thus the civilization collapses and can no longer function and is overrun by outside forces. But, the insidious thing is that the present social and cultural situation with a population of 7,200,000,000 humans on the planet not taking responsibility for their inner space because the leaders of the worlds social and cultural orders have no clue that they are shitting in their own livingroom and have no idea how to clean it up. Thus mankind as constituted must create a worldwide End Time Scenario because subconscious and unconscious forces governed by the Universe will clean up your inner space for you.

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