The quantum law of attraction works all across the spectrum of David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness. For the purposes of this blog it is enough to go to the works of Hawkins to find the map. I recommend his most important book, The Eye of the I.

The title of this blog – What you resist persists – is a Carl Jung quote. I don’t know if he originated it from his observation connected with his research and practice because the idea was noticed several thousand years ago.

Job in the Old Testament said:

For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me,
and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.

Generally in the sub-culture of people who subscribe to the idea there is a Law of Attraction, they generally stress the power of positive thinking. What they don’t like to look at is the true facts of the Law of Attraction. The one dominant fact is the Law of Attraction works across the whole spectrum of the Map of Consciousness. The reason for this is that the spectrum of the Map of Consciousness describes levels of thought energy.

Is you generate fear energy as Job did you will get fearful things happening to you. Just as Job discovered – the thing he most feared came upon him.

The recent nuclear treaty is a point in question.

In 2008, the George W. Bush administration rejected an opportunity to start what became in the Obama administration’s P5 + 1 group negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran. In 2008, Iran had only around 268 centrifuges. By the time the Obama administration got seriously into the idea of the nuclear deal and got all the parties to the negotiating table Iran had increased its centrifuges to about 10,000 older versions of the units. During the negotiations Iran built around 6800 updated versions of the centrifuges.

What you resist persists! The thing the world most feared was coming upon us. Fear energy driving the Law of Attraction has put Iran on the threshold of becoming a nuclear power. Between Bush’s rejection of the negotiation path in 2008 and 2015, the year of a treaty… have we completely averted that potential? Only time will tell now that the world ‘fear energy’ surrounding Iran’s march to a nuclear weapon has seemed to be slowed down. The world has breath a sigh of relief. Has it stopped the fear energy being generated?

It’s the ‘fear energy’ stupid! LOL!

When Bill Clinton ran for president the first time, it is said he had a sign up in all of his campaign centers – It’s the economy stupid! The rest is history. So I am posting the above as a tongue in cheek reminder… ‘fear energy’ drives the world today and if we don’t take it on as a world community, there won’t be a world community, of 7,200,000,000 people and counting. Robert Monroe saw a potential future earth with a population of only 3,000,000 people. In my blog – America’s Role in the World Today – I suggest this does not have to happen. In this blog I am going tell you how to avoid that Apocalyptic scenario.

How the Law of Attraction works

The most significant and instructive event in American history in which the Law of Attraction worked to the detriment of the country and its fledgling cultural and social well being happened in 1920. This was the year in which the culmination of years of the mainstream predominantly Christian community’s ‘fear’ of alcohol and its effects resulted in a Prohibition Law banning alcohol. The effect of millions of Americans building with their thought energy a ‘fear’ energy field around alcohol which was awesome and terrible in its outcome because of what it unleashed upon an unsuspecting naive public. The field was so powerful that a man, Al Capone, who might have just been a local neighborhood thug was able to entrain his minor energetic mentality of thuggery with the larger power of the compatible ‘fear’ energy field of the Tea Totterers and project it into ‘money’. Money is a combination of energetic forces which results in it becoming a creative force in itself for good or evil.

In this case, the evil creative force penetrated and controlled American society at every level until the RICO act of 1970. But, the unintended side effects of the RICO act on the simple ordinary people of America has created a de facto police state. The RICO act was a band aid for a chronic festering sore on the American psyche due to the failure at every level of our educated class to grasp the idea of the Law of Attraction and how it works and create methods of using the Law to the larger advantage of society.

Not understanding that this law actually exist is like being a blind man on a bicycle peddling as fast as he can headed toward a brick wall. As a race, humanity has been colliding with that wall since time immemorial.

The Lessons of Prohibition were not learned!

In 1970 President Nixon officially declared a war on drugs.  Remember the rule? What you resist persists! The lesson of 1920 did not take. It was now going to become worst. It would go international creating world wide criminal organizations and terrorist groups who only need to tap into the drug trafficking highways to finance their nefarious enterprises. All en-training and in phasing with each other, as Al Capone did, to create a massive multi-million human mainstream fear energy pool made available by the do gooder’s need to save the populations of America from themselves. Stamp out drugs! The fear energy waves went in phase making them stronger and stronger creating in America yuppy drug millionaires and internationally drug empires so rich on drug earnings that a cartel leader Pablo Escobar was able to offer the Colombian government a deal to payoff the national debt in return for a free reign in the country to do as he pleased.

America could not and would not allow the Columbians to accept that offer and eventually helped assassinate Escobar and left a vacuum; now at this writing filled by even more vicious drug cartel groups centered in Mexico.

We have politicians like Donald Trump who are willing to promise to stamp out the Mexican scourge with a wall! The great wall of China bankrupted the Emperor who built it. What the Trumps of the world do not get is that our drug problem is one of American demand! Drug dealers don’t advertise for buyers the buyers find the drug dealers.

The one problem America dealt with correctly is the one involving smoking. But, it was an accident of circumstance. We had a significant cigarette industry of tobacco farmers and cigarette manufacturers whose financial interests were mainstream and thus could not be stamped out by legislation of the prohibition era type. So through taxation, laws prohibiting smoking in public places and persuasion through advertising and social stigmatizing (I personally quit because I kept getting kicked out of private gatherings of friends and family… I got tired of having to go outside and smoke.) smoking. The smoking habit is slowly receding from the social and cultural landscape.

Unfortunately, the police state is now here, well entrenched and will be very difficult to slow down anytime soon.

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