The concept of Transcendence is very little understood even in today’s spiritually awakened society. Transcendence simply put is the awakening of the individual to the fact that there is a mind and there is a greater Self. When the individual realizes he/she is not the mind, but is in fact the greater Self, he/she is said to have transcended.

What is Transcendence? Transcendence is simply the state in which one withdraws one’s identification with the mind. When that happens one becomes one with the Manifest/Unmanifest…i.e… Yoga… union with God.

Eckhart Tolle identifies it as the power to be in the Now… all the time.

The reason this state is so unknown lies in the fact that statistically only 1 in 10,000,000 human beings achieve the state naturally. When the state is achieved it is so profound the tendency is to withdraw from the world, so no footprint is left behind.

The current population of the planet is +/- 7,200,000,000 which means that at this instant there are potentially 720 Transcended beings living on the planet. The state generally leaves a Being disconnected from ‘objective reality’; there is nothing to say, do or communicate. Only 50% of them remain in contact with physical reality (their bodies). Of the remaining 360 close to 75% of them are unable to communicate believably and coherently. This will depend on the level of education they achieve during their identification with the mind. Transcendence doesn’t make you smarter.

Eckhart Tolle took almost 10 years to comprehend what had happened to him. Similarly, David Hawkins took a similar number of years to recognize and conflate what he experienced to what is known about the state. Jill Bolte Taylor achieved her state of Transcendence through a stroke which shut down her left frontal lobe the seat of the ‘ego’ and the logical mind… thus the state in which she could perceive a oneness with the universe was achieved through the right frontal lobe remaining in tact and a recovery to a state of being able to communicate with the world returned over a number of years of rehabilitation.

To the world these Transcendent beings can look like they are suffering from catatonia, Alzheimer’s or dementia… I believe Ralph Waldo Emerson was a Transcended being who was believed to suffer from dementia in his final years, when in reality he was in Samadhi. People who have read this article were alarmed at the idea that a Realized Being’s behavior would be similar to mental disorders… but, the Universe tends to provide a protective shield which protects them from most forms of adversity. The Arabs say that the mentally challenged and drunks are watched over by Allah. No, truer words have been spoken. There is a reason for this I won’t go into at this point.

[Special Note: I believe Robert Monroe describes a Transcendent experience in Ultimate Journey… when he reached and experienced the Aperture and the Emitter.]

In the literature there has been a long held belief that Self-Realization could only be accomplished in a human body, apparently because the human body is the maximum contraction of Pure Consciousness. The saying goes… ‘even the angels envy those in human form…’ for this specific reason. The Monroe Transcendence experience is the exception that proves the rule. Monroe had the Transcendence experience but did not pass thru the Aperture into the Celestial Universe and Liberation at that writing.

There are several things one needs to know about Monroe’s Transcendent experience and why it was possible.

  1. There are three Universes:The Physical Universe, The Astral Universe and the Celestial Universe.
    The Celestial Universe (and very little is known about it, to my knowledge the only reliable source concerning it is Emmanuel Swedenborg) is Pure Consciousness – i.e. pure creative intelligence… it is apparently formless without birth or death, nothingness and the fullness of everything… The Paradox.
  2. Thomas Heubl postulates how this all works as follows (paraphrasing):Pure Creative intelligence the Nothingness/Everything enters the phenomenal world and gets converted into intelligent energy (the first form and the beginning of something) creating the subtle Astral Universe. This creative energy seeks to establish a physical form in order to express itself and understand itself. The Expression takes place in the Physical Universe. The ideal scene is The Expression has a finite life and the energy runs its course and the physical form disintegrates back into energy and seeks a path back to nothing. The return process. When it works as it should the energy’s return process leaves no footprint. It is as though nothing happened!

    Man or the formation of an ego/mind throws a monkey wrench into the whole natural process by creating a ‘NO’ to the return process. Effectively preventing the return to nothing. Thus, leaving a shadow of unresolved creative energy with nowhere to go… thus introducing ‘suffering’.

The whole of the Liberation paths is predicated on removing the NO’s and allowing creative intelligent energy to return to nothing.

As far as Transcendents, only a small percentage of these are capable of teaching in an effective and productive manner. All Transcendants are not created equal.

Dr. David Hawkins estimated at one point in his teaching and writing years that in reality there were only 6 beings capable of imparting direct useful training as ‘guru’; in that time frame… only 3 actually did function in this capacity.

At this point in time 2014, there is only one truly powerful spiritual teacher I personally have confidence (this does not mean there are not others… I personally have not encountered anyone else displaying the proper skill set) is a Fully Self-Realized being and capable of functioning as Guru and that is Thomas Huebl. I have not reviewed Ms. Taylor’s work so I can not make a meaningful judgment. She did however experience the Transcendent state… whether she has achieved the ability to reach into the Stillness for consistent Inspired guidance only time will tell.

There is really no fool proof way to vet a ‘realized being’. By their works you shall know them.

David Hawkins in ‘Eye of the I’ identified at least six levels of Transcendence.

I have to keep repeating this mantra: the only solution that can succeed to Save Planet Earth is a Spiritual solution. The only way to shift humanity’s current inexorable path to Armageddon is to massively, worldwide raise human consciousness above ‘fear’ at a minimum or higher on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness scale which is doable. The effort must begin ‘now’ and on a massive worldwide scale unprecedented in the annals of human history. No other time in history was it possible to make this effort and have it work.

In this third pathway to saving Planet Earth, …i.e… the successful passage of individuals who are ready… into the Transcendent state, though problematic as an overall solution because of the difficulty for individuals to make the passage successfully. If those who do make it decide to stay on and help, remember they always have the option of departing into higher realms of experience, they can hold the frequency and help in the psychic cleanup operations necessary to cause the projection to shift from cataclysmic future scenarios into peaceful clear pathways into the future for this third dimensional paradym.

In today’s world we can connect the world by television and radio in an instant and have a significant portion of the world thinking the same thought in real time.

This is key… getting a large portion of the world population to think the same thought at the same time. This is why I suggest in my blog – To Oprah Winfrey she is the only person on this Planet who can pull this operation off. There are some subtle twists to the whole operation so if you sign My petition it asks her to contact me to discuss the ins and outs of how the Law of Attraction really works.

I am available for in depth lectures on this subject.

In today’s powerful media world it will take about $20,000 to get my foot in the door of a sophisticated ‘media’ campaign to get this message out there. If you are interested please donate to help raise this foot in the door potential. Let’s together work to make the only viable effort to Save Planet Earth… introducing a Spiritual Solution.

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