Enclosed find the backcover blurb for my book:

The Monograph
The Parallel Life of Tito Abao
1936 AD – ______

37AD – 68AD

As described in the backcover write up, early in this year 2014, I completed a 7000 year life-cycle. The meaning of which will be covered in the lecture material.

I discuss how the life cycles work. How to use reincarnation to eliminate disease, particularly psychosomatic disease (the easiest types to heal though healing is the incorrect word… it is more like removing the mental construct that makes the dis-ease manifest… thus it would be better called de-manifesting a condition). The other thing that creates disease is karma. That is also handle-able but not necessarily by regression therapy.

The most important discovery I made was how important the between-lives agreements one makes determine what you are destined to accomplish in your life and what will be unfolded inspite of your best efforts to avoid some circumstances… I.e… dharma must prevail generally.

I discuss why Life is not a zero-sum game. How we as third dimensional humans need to get back to the truth, which is – ‘There is nothing out there!’ The world we think we see out there is a very sophisticated Holographic projection.

I discuss how the New Age concept of the Law of Attraction is misnamed… it should be called The Law of Mirroring and I explain how it really works and why people who try to apply LOA don’t get immediate results which they have a right to expect.

And last but not least, I discuss ‘death and dying’. I explain why ‘dying’ is not all it is crack up to be. I know because I had an NDE which started my odyssey of unraveling!

Thanks for your attention and I hope we can create an informative and enjoyable event.