Save Planet Earth – Part 1: A Worldwide Effort!

There is no military, political, cultural or economic solution for Saving Planet Earth! Every psychic that is worth their salt will tell you they always see a minimum of two or three paths into the future for any third dimensional consciousness. The path into the future for Planet Earth is no exception.

Revelations and the later Nostradamus confirmation of Revelations’ Armageddon scenario is the path Planet Earth is traversing at the moment. Neither Revelations nor Nostradamus understood the exact nature of the path and what was driving Planet Earth in this path toward Armageddon. Those seers probably were laboring in the Shadow of a vengeful god premise which clouded their vision.

The reason some kind of Armageddon-like event is a strong probability is because what the seers did not appreciate was the Law of Attraction and that the future population of the Planet would explode. Now, in 2014 when this blog is written we find 7,200,000,000 minds all projecting ‘fear’; living in the consciousness of fear. This fear must materialize in some way according to the Law of Attraction into a physical world reality.

The thing you fear must come to past. What you resist persists.

This is how the Law of Attraction works. It responds to the creative energetic vibration of your mind to create a vibrationally compatible and matching material world, three dimensional event.. Q.E.D. The predominance of the Earth’s human vibration is fear… therefore a massive catastrophic life altering event for the whole Planet is going to come about.

I repeat – the thing you most fear must come to past.

The only solution that can succeed to Save Planet Earth is a Spiritual solution. The only way to shift humanity’s current inexorable path to Armageddon is to massively, worldwide raise human consciousness above ‘fear’ at a minimum or higher on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness scale which is doable. The effort must begin ‘now’ and on a massive worldwide scale unprecedented in the annals of human history. No other time in history was it possible to make this effort and have it work.

In today’s world we can connect the world by television and radio in an instant and have a significant portion of the world thinking the same thought in real time.

This is key… getting a large portion of the world population to think the same thought at the same time. This is why I suggest in my blog – To Oprah Winfrey she is the only person on this Planet who can pull this operation off. There are some subtle twists to the whole operation so if you sign My petition it asks her to contact me to discuss the ins and outs of how the Law of Attraction really works.

I am available for in depth lectures on this subject.

In today’s powerful media world it will take about $20,000 to get my foot in the door of a sophisticated ‘media’ campaign to get this message out there. If you are interested please donate to help raise this foot in the door potential. Let’s together work to make the only viable effort to Save Planet Earth… introducing a Spiritual Solution.

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