If you found this site, you may be ready for a change in the way you live your life. This is an Oasis. A place to sit quietly, regroup, refit and generally prepare to continue your journey. In ancient times the Oasis was a resting place. A place to fill your water sacks and jugs. Rest your pack animals and work force. But above all, the Oasis_ ☺ is a place to review and decide how you plan to continue your journey.

I am a Life Orientation Guide.

As you rest, and plan how to continue your journey, I offer a consultation program in which I can help you decide with a high degree of certainty that when you are ready to continue your journey. You will know where you are going; how to get there and it will be a happy and profitable discovery on many levels. It is really all up to you.

I have found that there are 7,200,000,000 +/- paths to travel in life. One for each person born and living in 2014 on the planet Earth. It is true, there is a way to group and categorize the paths, since many will be qualitatively similar, but, with a unique individual twist. This is why self-help systems, spiritual teachers and gurus have a spotty effectiveness. They deal with a generality, one size does not fit all. If you want to really get somewhere with life and living you have to look at yourself specifically.

Quo Vadis

Who are you? Where are you going? How do you plan or not plan to get there?

It is not an accident that I said plan or not plan…i.e… drift thru life, because here are the basic paths people follow:

No plan, Shaman/Metaphysician, Secular Career, or Spiritual liberation

No plan

The majority of people drift through life, seemingly without a purpose. They are like corks on the ocean. They are pushed, pulled, dragged and spun willy nilly by the currents of life. But it is not random! It only seems to be random. They are just not interested in affecting the karmic patterns that are driving their lives. The truth is karma is one of the big factors driving our lives.

Shaman/Metaphysician, Secular Career

The path of Meta-physician or secular career is one of choice and could be broadly characterized as desiring to have a better life. The Meta-physician may have a bit more savvy about how to have a better life than a careerist, but, the careerist does unconsciously what the Meta-physician does consciously.

Spiritual liberation

This is a very specialized path. It is usually not discovered without grace. It is a form of grace that you are being made aware that such a path exists. But, it takes grace to decide you want Spiritual Liberation.

The Basics

The first thing you need to grasp about life is that the universe is NOT your enemy. It is your friend. It exists to give you your hearts desire. The next thing you need to grasp about life is that it is NOT… I repeat NOT a zero sum game.

Jesus Christ pointed this out about 2000 years ago, few people listened:

The Kingdom of Heaven is within.
Ask and you shall receive
Knock and it shall be opened unto you
Seek and you shall find

Fewer still figured out how it all works. Until now!

Here is a revolutionary concept that will blow your ‘mind’. There is nothing “out there”. The world you think you see out there is nothing more than a very sophisticated holographic projection. All the problems in the ‘world’ or that seem to be causing a great deal of stress and suffering stem from taking your cues from what you see out there. The so called scientific method. This does not mean that the fundamentals of the scientific method are incorrect. No they are very correct. It is the current use of the scientific method that is flawed when it is taking it’s cues from ‘out there’.

The World of Spiritual Teachers and Self-Help Mavins

Since my Near-Death-Experience in 2007, when I came under Inner Guidance, I began knocking around the world of spiritual teachers and self-help mavins seriously. My Guidance unerringly maneuvered me with the sure footed instinct of a mountain goat thru the maze of the good, bad, ugly and indifferent. Each encounter showed me something. When you encounter a sincere (and especially a Realized Being) practitioner of whatever discipline, just touching your issues will have the effect of draining off some of the energetic streams that holds your matrix together. In short you will never be the same person after the experience that you were before the experience and that’s a good thing.

Unfortunately, I discovered that not all spiritual teachers and self-help mavins are created equal. They generally have huge gaps in their abilities; that world is one of caveat emptor. But, if one is discerning, careful and has faith in ones inner knowing or common sense, you can usually sort them out, the truth is that with the exception of obvious frauds, sincere ones do have something to offer you.

The biggest failing I find in the spiritual community is the lack of ability, intention and or comprehension that they are dealing with one of the 7.2 billion. Each of these 7.2 billion are unique and one size does not fit all. This is how I found my skill set. I see a need and I am going to fill it. My service is geared to helping you find out who you are, what you ‘really’ want to do, where you want to go.

What I discovered thru painful, expensive and emotionally disappointing experience is that…

No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do.
No one can tell you what you should do.

There is a caveat in the above two statements and it is that you may not know consciously what you want to do, or what you should do. But you will act like you do. I can tell you with a high degree of certainty that you do know at an unconscious level what you are about and that is my job to help you find out the truth about you. Thus, that makes me a Life Orientation Guide!

When you finally come to terms with ‘you’ and I mean all of you, the deepest part of you will gain some semblance of control of your Life.

Unlike other consultants in the field of self-help, I work with you from the outside/in!