The exception to the statements is gurus. Unfortunately, they are quite rare. In the ’70’s David Hawkins said there were only nine true gurus on the planet he suggested that only four were actually practicing. They have specialized skills I will not go into.


The usual definition of karma is cause and effect. For every act there is an equal and opposite reaction. But, this is a linear concept in the third dimension. Unfortunately, life is more complicated than that and operates in an integrated system simultaneously through at least 12 dimensions.


The Holographic projection which is the Universe you think you see out there is a complex matrix of belief systems powered by Pure Consciousness which behaves like any energy stream.


Shaman is the one path which I cannot be of service to you. It is a path full of dark alleys and potholes I don’t know anything about.

Realized Being

One who has dissolved the identification mechanism. See Kundalini – Song of Liberation by Jan Esmann and The Experience of No-Self by Bernadette Roberts.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is a controversial figure. Many historians believe he was a proxy. A convenient pawn in a very complex game. They think William Shakespeare did not write the works attributed to him. I concur, but I diverge from all the usual suspects.

I believe with good authority that Queen Elizabeth I wrote the works attributed to William Shakespeare!


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Demons are a figment of ones imagination. They can seem to be real due to the energetic potential of the creator of the demon… there is an astral effect that can also give power to the demonic materializations… but, they are easily dissolved and reduced by withdrawing energy from the apparition. One Buddhist practitioner simply surrendered to the phenomena and asked it to do its worst and it eventually dissolved.

Always turn and face your demons

In the context of the Robert Monroe Institute a student was fearful of going O.B.E. because every time he did he would encounter a monster. The Facilitator’s suggested in the context of their being able to support him they asked him to face the monster and do battle with it… bolstered by their word and his faith in their skills he confronted the monster. It turned into a dear deceased friend… who said, ‘What the hell is the matter with you. I have been trying to contact you for years.’


In Hindu Philosophy is the name of an epoch or era within a four age cycle. They cycle thru a dark age to a Golden age. The Dark Age that we just came thru on December 21, 2012 allowed us to enter the Dwarpa Yuga an age of awakening of spiritual awareness.

Kali Yuga

The Hindu name for the Dark Age.


The Mercaba is a crystalline energy field that is comprised of specific sacred geometries that align the mind, body, and heart together. It is a vehicle of transcendence.

The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden was a real place, apparently, but there were more humans in it than just a male and female prototype human.


Prana is the universal principle of energy or force. It is the sum total of all energy that is manifest in the universe, all the forces in nature and powers which are hidden in men and which lie everywhere around us.

central body tube

As pranic energy builds in our bodies, a columnar energy field – the ‘pranic tube’ forms in the long axis of the body.