What I am about to present to you is one of the paths. The 7.2 billion paths naturally group themselves into categories. I won’t even begin to try to list them. The path I have developed is the infantryman’s path. Slogging thru the trenches. Ninety percent of the Earth’s population is totally unconscious. Blissfully or not so blissfully ignorant of the truth about life and living.

It was not meant to be that way. You were meant to remember the past, you were meant to consciously play your agreed to role on the stage of life. You were meant to unfold joyously, with unconditional love and living in a blissful Eden.

Then came The Fall! The world knows about The Fall but it doesn’t know what The Fall actually was about, in fact. The world’s religions created a bogus scenario, based on a Devil figure or if you prefer a Satan. Or they concocted some fanciful scenario involving a talking snake, an apple and two humans a male and a female. And naturally they blamed the female. How convenient. For the males! Someone to blame it all on.

Well, nothing like that happened. There IS no Satan! There are no evil demons!

What happened was there was a shift of Yugas. A shift into the Kali Yuga, unfortunately the majority of human kind was not spiritually developed enough to build Mercaba fields to protect their light bodies and their memories. When the shift occurred they went into the three days of darkness when the Earth stood still (The Bible has this right for some reason). When humanity came out of the shift their memories were wiped out.

Here is where the reliable literature gets murky. On December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the current Kali Yuga cycle. The actual shift into the Dwapara Yuga should be accompanied by three days of darkness and a demonstrable shift in consciousness. The shift in consciousness happened but not the darkness. What happened? See the works of Drunvalo Melchizedek for a discussion of what might have changed the pattern.

This shift in the level of consciousness is gradually increasing the vibration of the planet to higher and higher rates as we get deeper into it. Goodbye, gross third dimensional world! One other thing, Dwapara is a feminine aspect of dual consciousness so women are going to lead the way into what Eckhart Tolle calls The New Earth. This is showing up as self-evident in the New Age community and the Community of Non-dual practitioners.

The Trenches

Go out to Buddha at the Gas Pump or Conscioustv and listen to the autobiographies of most the interviewees. Both sites specialize in Self-realization paths. The common denominator of the stories are characterized by early life contact with a specialized inner world. It gets lost for a time as the being grows up, but, nonetheless they are special people with very spiritual connections and it doesn’t take much to get them going in the direction of Liberation. The gist of their early experiences is a longing for God or something more and ephemeral from life.

Then there are guys like me, and this is the greater majority of humanity, who had early life experiences but they were not a part of growing up. I had no particular need for a relationship with God. As a matter of fact I never remember ever thinking about God or life for that matter. I was a cork on the ocean of life. Little did I know it was going to come crashing in on me with a vengeance and I was ill prepared for an easy shift out of unconsciousness into magnanimous spectacular awakening. I was going to endure a hard fought slogging in the trenches. A no holds barred battle that I didn’t uncover the actual cause of until the first half of 2014.

My NDE (near-death-experience) was the end of the old cycle and the beginning of a new cycle; a new contract, a new set of agreements, unfortunately the old agreements remained as shadows to bedevil me and still do. The work of unfoldment is never done.

In that process I learned what to do and how to guide those who have just the slightest bit of need for something better, something higher… but, it is a faint blip and it fades. If you don’t cultivate it… it will disappear into the energetic swirl of daily life in the collective. I ask you to hang on to it. Let me help. It will be worth all the gold in the world in the end.

The Lotus

The Lotus has been a symbol of spiritual unfoldment in Hinduism and Buddhism for centuries and it probably was there as a symbol going even further back. My awakening suggest to me the real meaning of the Lotus has been lost in time. The real meaning of the Lotus goes back to the Garden of Eden. The Earth a specific planet in The Third Dimension was meant to be a Garden of Eden. This was because the human being, a highly specialized condensation of Pure Consciousness is really a flower. We each have a flower, mine is the red rose which will adorn my three books in their three stages of unfoldment into the full blossom of maturity and realization of its intended glory.

We also have a tone. As describe by the British mystic Patrick Pearce.

Human beings are really a flower, but, seemingly without roots into the Earth. It is not true that we are without roots. We are rooted to the earth through a pranic energy field which flows up out of the central core of Mother Earth through our feet into the bottom apex of a central body tube. From above the pranic energy flows down from Source through the Eighth chakra above our heads into the top apex of the central body tube. The two energy flows converge in the Heart Chakra.

So essentially at birth when you take the first breath you begin to unfold like a flower destined to blossom into three great stages of development. What is your flower? What is your tone?

The Books

Whose Going to Win Tomorrow Or How to Use your Dreams for Fun and Profit

In 1983 I thought Whose Going to Win Tomorrow? stood alone. A how to book. A very specific work pointed to a very unique skill. I naively believed everyone could do what I was doing with my dreams. I discovered just how wrong that notion turned out to be as virtually no books sold. But! There was a deep profound reason for that too! (See the Monograph)

In 2014 when I became fully awake, I realized that the spiritual consolidation which occurred through the process of the writing WGWT was the foundation of the skill set that was to be paramount in the 2014 spiritual awakening. And the subsequent ability to read the keys and understand the deeper meaning of my life and its inexorable trajectory.

Seeds of Heaven

Seeds of Heaven was conceived in the 1983 time-frame. I envisioned a 10,000 year alternative history of the Earth. I buried myself in libraries in San Francisco, Ca creating the deep background for the enormous project I had in mind. I developed civilization graphs of their rise and fall. I read all the alternative stuff out there and in the book itself are homages to various important book themes I encountered.

Then, the reality set in, or what I thought was reality came flying out of left field, a baseball bat right in the chops, I had to concede WGWT was a flop or so I thought. In reality the book was a success from a spiritual unfoldment point of view, which is what it was actually suppose to do. Again, I point you to the Monograph.

I stopped serious work on SOH, only sporatically doing something here and there for the next 16 years. Unknown to me, the reality was I was continually successfully unfolding. From a bud to a full bloom, as this time lapse blooming rose video demonstrates http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnbMYzdjuBs What was happening… I was remembering! Or trying to remember. It was no accident that my next project would be this history of the world. What was developing was my history coded to be sure. Not an exact memory but fragmented broken up pieces of distorted memory all looking for the awakening that would bring it all together into a total known revealed experience.

Caregivers Under Seige

Again no one would link the chronicle of my taking care of my mother full time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for almost ten years and the subsequent beating I took from the Roman Catholic Jesuit Establishment and the Shriner’s Hospital Group in the litigation of the Estate and my descent into poverty because of it… seeming to fulfill the axiom: No good deed ever goes unpunished.

The Monograph will explain why I could never have avoided the beating I took.

These three books on the surface are vastly diverse and to the normal linear third dimensional intelligence cannot possibly be linked! Wrong!!! As the famous American late night host extraordinaire Johnny Carson used to say, ‘Wrong, banana breath.’ ):-)

The Monograph will explain all in excruciating, painful, yet joyous and astonishing detail. You will be shocked, stunned and profoundly informed by it.

This package will help you decide whether you want to use my service as a Life Orientation Guide. Because there is a life you don’t remember anything about. But you can remember it. You cannot avoid ‘unfoldment‘! You can begin to understand your personal unfoldment path and in someways gain a grip on parts of it. Some things in your Karma you can sidestep if you know about them. Some of the things about your Karma will help you in the ‘manifesting’ arena. Particularly if there is a limiting between-life agreement postulate like I had in mine.


Now, watch the unfoldment again. Because the whole unfoldment of my life came down to the events in Caregivers Under Siege. All my failures, all my ‘not being good enough’ to succeed in having a normal life was pointing me to personally taking care of my mother Dolores M. Hall (who she actually was will surprise and astonish you!). The between-life contract required my personal attention, nothing-else would do to fulfill the karmic debt or life resolutional experience. Any other scenario of a successful financial and personal life would have put me in a position to hire someoneelse to take care of my mother. Or even to ignore my mother’s wish not to be exposed to the terrible indignities of the current Nursing Home Care system and their brutal abuse of the elderly in even the most expensive facilities.

Then, the final blow and the final karmic outcome was to lose my inheritance and be brutalized by the money managers I hired, the corrupt judicial system at the Probate court level and the Appeals court level and the California Supreme Court level.

It was all in the cards. The between-life agreement I made was executed on 12 dimensions. Those agreements were relentlessly, inexorably and magically carried out. See the Monograph.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts…
Shakespeare’s – As You Like It

End of the Cycle

Then as stated earlier, I signed a document in 2007 that ended my quest for financial independence and security. I surrendered. I gave up.

On the morning of January 19 of 2007 I began to die. As I drifted away in sleep, I began to realize I was dying. It was very pleasant. My body tingled at first and began to vibrate to a high intensity frequency and I was in an orgasmic glow of beautiful sensual feelings.

I was not afraid. I thought, yes, I am ready to die. I began to let go. A profound euphoria enveloped me. Suddenly my brother (deceased), Kristina a spiritual teacher (still alive), and others started working on me in a way I didn’t understand. It was not medical. This was not a hospital setting. I have no idea what they were doing. I was not a happy camper. “Leave me alone,” I thought.

A disembodied voice pleaded ‘Please don’t die!’