I am available for groups – I have two levels of lectures…:

  • General discussion of reincarnation and other spiritual subjects with predominance of question and answer format. It will consist of a guided meditation, about 50 minutes to start the proceeding. And end with a 35 minute chakra meditation.
  • My reincarnation lecture: Reincarnation – Real or Fantasy
  • A master class going deeply into reincarnation and the spiritual unfoldment process I have discovered and awakened into… this process I believe is universal. The prerequisite of the master class is to have read my quadrilogy. The Question and Answer period will allow the audience to clarify how it works with there personal life unfoldment as the center piece of the discussion. All lectures begin and end with a guided meditation.

Save Planet Earth – Lecture offer for group organizers:

The Law of Attraction: How to use it to Save Planet Earth

Contact me if you are interested.