Nero’s Cross – A Vision seen in an Astral Event described in…


Nero Pops up Thirty Years Later

See Nero Pops up Thirty Years Later in the Monograph:

What happened when I got to the level Monroe directed us to astonished me! I saw a vivid. It flashed before me in the astral.


There are no dark ominous colors in the vision. It is a happy vision. The Cross is gold and it is huge, rising into the sky majestically. This says that Nero had nothing to do with any persecution of the Christian believers.

Most historians believe Tacitus’ writings accusing Nero of blaming Christians for the fire that devastated Rome and martyring them in retribution was a Christian propagandist forgery. The truth is there was no reference to Jesus Christ in any independent writing outside the Biblical references to a ‘crucifixion’, so they invented one. The Roman aristocracy erased much of the memory of Nero from their history and left slander and vilification in its place.



This is a collage of the vision described in page 4 – The Roman Connection


I arrived at the level Monroe wanted us at and I see to my surprise that I have a residence at this level created who knows how many hundreds of years ago… a Greco/Roman portico overlooking an azure blue lake! The view was framed by two white marble Ionic columns. In the distance a majestic white alabaster mountain (not unlike Kilimanjaro) stood silent witness. On either side are white marble seats and standing before me are two beautiful goddesses. One is Aphrodite (she looks a lot like Isabella Rossellini) the other is Athena Argenta in full battle armor…