This is another of the books that you might profit or gain peace of mind by buying consultation time. Talking personally to one who suffered the abuse of the extant system might be of some psychological as well as practical use just from a peace of mind point of view.

The Monograph
The Parallel Life of Tito Abao 1936 AD – ______
& Nero 37AD – 68 AD

The Monograph

Is the story of a Soul, in this life called Tito Abao, who entered the Physical Plane (Third Dimensional Reality) 7000 years ago, but, it isn’t only the story of the Tito Abao soul it is the story of your soul:

In 1980 as a client of a biofeedback, self-improvement program, I was walking down the street, minding my own business, when I had the following vision.

The Package

Buying the ‘Package’ is necessary to benefit from my service as Life Orientation Guide. My process is built around what I discovered about how life works. These books are symbiotically relative to one another. They are an unfoldment:

Who's Going to Win Tomorrow   Seeds of Heaven   Caregivers Under Siege


The Package consists of as follows:

Who’s Going to Win Tomorrow
How to Use Your Dreams for Fun and Profit


Seeds of Heaven


Caregivers Under Siege


The Monograph
The Parallel Life of Tito Abao
1936 AD – ______

37AD – 68AD


The Monograph which ties the trilogy together will be autographed with both my name Tito Abao and my aka incarnation name – Nero.


Note: Only a limited number of Monograph copies will be autographed to be decide by me at a later date, purchase early to insure you get an autographed copy.

Purchasing the package entitles you to receive an entry code to a clients area. Which will consist of a forum, blog, special writings and other unique things valuable to your unfoldment. These inner pages will not be available to the general public.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:The most important bonus I can give you as a great gift is a tutorial on how to die. This will only be available to clients of my Guidance service. Unfortunately, I will only tutor you in this technique when I feel you can actually use the technique effectively. This is not an intellectual endeavor. You have to be ready to receive the information on a functional level.

Open to the General Public.
Dying is a wonderful thing! If you do it right you can attain Spiritual Liberation. I offer a service of aiding you or a dying loved one to make the transition into Spiritual Liberation. Unfortunately, I have to charge a small fee to enter the private Spiritual Liberation Death and Dying area. The charge is to keep frivolous inquiry’s from wasting my time. If you retain me as a Spiritual Liberation Death and Dying consultant the entry fee will be deducted from my retainer fee.