There is no military, political, cultural or economic solution for Saving Planet Earth! There is only a spiritual solution. America is on point. American politicians talk about American Exceptionalism through empirical observation. Since the observation of what became known as Manifest Destiny, events seem to have validated the idea of American Exceptionalism. What is its source? What is it’s basis in reality? Since the American Revolution and the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, America and Americans have ‘subconsciously/unconsciously’ been applying the Law of Attraction through the ‘Preamble’ of the Declaration of Independence.

The Preamble in the Declaration of Independence is the source of American Exceptionalism:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

To be more precise and what even The Magna Carta does not have is the ‘Golden’ idea: and the pursuit of Happiness.

This one idea if held close IS the lifeline for each individual human being who holds it and believes it, the lifeline to the Higher Self (God, The Divine or whatever you believe runs the Universe). It empowers you at a divine level. Because Americans are taught this in school and through the social and cultural absorption process we subconsciously apply it. America is a nation of abundance. America is a nation in which a high order of security of treasure, physical well being and material comforts, conveniences and opportunity can be had by all of its inhabitants to the degree that they believe and apply the ‘Golden’ idea.

The Golden Idea amounts to a dream. A dream of being happy. Holding that dream opens the floodgates of the higher levels of conscious awareness and taps into creative source. The result is the Blessings that be pour into our life.

There is a erroneous idea extant in the world that says ‘the rich get richer because they somehow take from the poor and disadvantaged; I say to you this is a wrong idea. The rich get richer because they don’t have in their consciousness the idea of lack. That one phenomena is what drives the creation of wealth.

Conversely, the poor will continue to get poorer because they have in their consciousness the idea that they lack and that one idea drives the accumulation of more lack.

The Universe is your friend not your enemy. The Universe has no preferences, no favorites; it is an environment of quantum laws. Learn them and apply them and your life will flow very smoothly.

About 2000 years ago a great being known to history as Jesus the Christ said the following:

The Kingdom of Heaven is within.
Ask and you shall receive
Knock and it shall be opened unto you
Seek and you shall find

So as you can see the principle behind the idea that thought actually determines what happens in the Universe and your life in general is ancient.

The earliest personal success guru in history was Napoleon Hill  (Think and Grow Rich 1937) it extolled the power of positive thinking introducing the idea that you could think your way to riches.

In 1952, Norman Vincent Peale published The Power of Positive Thinking, building on the new thought movement started by Hill.

In 2006 The Secret by Rhonda Bryne came on the market to great sales. Now, the power of positive thinking was given a name… The Law of Attraction. I call it a quantum law of the Third Dimensional Universe.

Although, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the idea of a natural universal Law of Attraction, the empirical and anecdotal data is persuasive. Unfortunately, no formal well funded research efforts by mainstream think tanks or institutions with high levels of credibility are underway to my knowledge so the Law of Attraction will be a fringe idea for the foreseeable future.

Since Napoleon Hill’s success though, grass roots movements continue to teach the power of thought to create the future human beings desire.

I contend that unless humanity starts consciously using the Law of Attraction to change the world on an industrial revolution scale, humanity as we know it is doomed. The mathematics of it will eventually cause the Earth to implode figuratively speaking.

The problem is 7,200,000,000 people on the planet are living in fear. That fear energy is creating the conditions for an End Time Scenario. The ETS is not the Christian Evangelical Armageddon. It is going to begin with tidal waves. In the Eighties, the late night king of the airwaves Art Bell had a guest who produced maps from prophetic dreams. They showed the United States covered in water. The whole topography of America was unrecognizable relative to the maps of the American continent we know today. Art Bell wrote two popular books about a catastrophic weather related ETS.

I contend that none of this has to happen. Prophecy’s are not set in stone. They are high probabilities. All things being equal and if no vibrational change occurs between the prophecy and the probable event the likely-hood is the event will occur.

I suggest that the high probability of an ETS is being created by 7.2 billion people generating fear energy which the Law of Attraction uses to bring about an event through the process of summation of force. All 7.2 billion people are not fearing the same thing but the fear energy itself averages eventually into common denominator of fears and projects into the physical plane an event that approximates the sum of all the fears. A perfect storm… literally a perfect storm.

The fear energy creates a negative energy field around the planet as a whole. This negative energy field is very fragile. The way to prevent the energy field from consummating a summation event is to disperse it. To let the air out of the bubble so to speak. Break it up enough to prevent it from congealing into a massive ETS.

In short only applying spiritual principles in the Third dimension will not leave a footprint.

I believe there is only one person on the planet who can apply the spiritual techniques I have in mind on a scale that would actually make a difference. That person is Oprah Winfrey.

She is able to think outside the box. She doesn’t have a vested interest in any single spiritual idea, system or dogma. In short she can tell the difference between spirituality and religion. She has the reach to do this on an Industrial Revolution scale.

This is why I set up a petition. To sign my petition go to:

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