I was born – 1936 in New Orleans, La., to a Franco/Irish mother and a Phillipino father. After my mother’s divorce we transplanted to San Francisco, Ca. I graduated from San Francisco City College with an Associate of Arts degree. Spent the major part of my working life as an architectural draftsman.

My first introduction to spiritual work was in the early ’60’s, as an initiate in a Christian Yoga sect in San Francisco led by one of the first American Realized Beings, Sri Subramuniya. My initiate name was Shantianada. I lasted only two years in the Order (from The Monograph and other works you will see why I could not remain in the Order – the Between-Lives agreements were too powerful). But the seed was planted and after my NDE in 2007, I was free to resume my ‘Quest’ (unknown to me until 2014) for spiritual liberation.

If you read or have read The Monograph you will note that the bulk of my metaphysical training was accomplished thru The Monroe Institute’s seminar program in Faber, Virginia. My graduation certificates are posted in this bio section.

Even before Christian Yoga as a child I had many paranormal experiences including Out-of-Body-Experiences and recurring (…what I know now were…) past life dreams/memories. One extraordinary experience I will only share with those who chose to use my services as a Life Orientation Guide. It is not important as a general conversational piece but is important as a reference point for clients.

Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you will choose to work with me.

Tito Abao