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Welcome To The Oasis ☺

If you found this site, you may be ready for a change in the way you live your life. This is an Oasis. A place to sit quietly, regroup, refit and generally prepare to continue your journey. In ancient times the Oasis was a resting place. A place to fill your water sacks and jugs. Rest your pack animals and work force. But above all, the Oasis_ ):D is a place to review and decide how you plan to continue your journey.

The Grand Plan

The Grand Plan

And I am the only person on the planet today who knows how to implement a grand plan of action, that does not require military intervention, economic intimidation, political revolution or any third dimensional mind/ego invention.  Read More…

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About the Author

About the Author

I was born – 1936 in New Orleans, La., to a Franco/Irish mother and a Phillipino father. After my mother’s divorce we transplanted to San Francisco, Ca. I graduated from San Francisco City College with an Associate of Arts degree.  Read More…

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7,200,000,000 Paths

7,200,000,000 Paths

What I am about to present to you is one of the paths. The 7.2 billion paths naturally group themselves into categories. I won’t even begin to try to list them. The path I have developed is the infantryman’s path.Slogging thru the trenches.  Read More…

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I Am A Life Orientation Guide.

As you rest, and plan how to continue your journey, I offer a consultation program in which I can help you decide with a high degree of certainty that when you are ready to continue your journey. You will know where you are going; how to get there and it will be a happy and profitable discovery on many levels. It is really all up to you.

I have found that there are 7,200,000,000 +/- paths to travel in life. One for each person born and living in 2014 on the planet Earth. It is true, there is a way to group and categorize the paths, since many will be qualitatively similar, but, with a unique individual twist. This is why self-help systems, spiritual teachers and gurus have a spotty effectiveness. They deal with a generality, one size does not fit all. If you want to really get somewhere with life and living you have to look at yourself specifically.

Quo Vadis

Who are you? Where are you going? How do you plan or not plan to get there?

It is not an accident that I said plan or not plan…i.e… drift thru life, because here are the basic paths people follow:

No plan, Shaman/Metaphysician, Secular Career, or Spiritual liberation

Read More

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